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Talk of Prof. Lei Fan at the Fifth National Academic Forum on Quantitative Remote Sensing about the application of SMOS-IC VOD on the global carbon budget.
The new reference of the article of the SMOS-Ic product including a description of the Version 2 has been released: Wigneron, J.-P., Li, X., Frappart F., Fan L., Al-Yaari A., De Lannoy G., Liu X., Wang M., Le Masson E., Moisy C., SMOS-IC data record of soil moisture and L-VOD: historical development, applications and perspectives, […]
A new VOD product is available : AMSR2 IB XVOD. It was developed by the INRAE-Bordeaux (IB) Remote Sensing Lab and based on the inversion of the X-MEB model (X-band microwave emission of the biosphere) (Wang et al., 2021). More information in documentation.
A new VOD product is available : ASCAT IB VOD was developed by the INRAE-Bordeaux (IB) Remote Sensing Lab (Liu et al., 2021, in review). ASCAT IB VOD is the active C-band vegetation optical depth (C-VOD) retrieved from ASCAT at a resolution of 25 x 25 km. The data was retrieved based on the Water […]
A python toolbox is available on gitlab for data processing on SMOS-IC product : filtering reprojection and much more https://gitlab.com/ispa-most/smosic-tool
The SMOS-IC v2 product documentation is available on this page
Since the release of the first version of SMOS-IC V105, several improvements have been applied to the SMOS-IC algorithm, leading to the production of the version 2 (V2), based on a collaboration between INRAE and China Scholarship Council. Major improvements were based on the concept that VOD has low time variations over short time periods […]
Direct and seasonal legacy effects of the 2018 heat wave and drought on European ecosystem productivity https://advances.sciencemag.org/content/6/24/eaba2724
Vegetation Optical Depth product from SMOS-IC
soil moisture map from SMOS (SMOS-IC)