Release of the new SMOS-IC version 2 (V2) of SM and L-VOD products

Since the release of the first version of SMOS-IC V105, several improvements have been applied to the SMOS-IC algorithm, leading to the production of the version 2 (V2), based on a collaboration between INRAE and China Scholarship Council. Major improvements were based on the concept that VOD has low time variations over short time periods (Wigneron et al., 2000; Tian et al., 2018). To implement this multi-orbit concept, the optimization processing of the a priori information on VOD to constrain the retrievals has been modified in SMOS-IC V2: to retrieve VOD at a date t, previously retrieved VOD values (over a period of 10 days before date t) are used to initialize the first guess value of VOD (VODini) in the cost function. A more detailed description of the SMOS-IC V2 retrieval algorithm will be given in Wigneron et al., 2020(RSE, Submitted). It should be noted that clear improvements in SMOS-IC V2 are obtained for both SM and VOD. An in-depth analysis and inter-comparison between L-VOD products and other frequency VOD is ongoing (Li et al., 2020 (RSE, submitted)).


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  1. Junzhi Liu says:

    Thank you very much for your nice work! I wonder where I can find the SMOS-IC L-VOD data? I found that only the SM data are available in the ftp.
    Thank you in advance!

    • cmoisy says:

      Thank you for your interest! Yes only the SM data are publicly available for now. The L-VOD data up to 2017 are available (papers based on the full 2010-2020 data set are are still in review) . Please contact me directly by e-mail and I’ll give to you the procedure to download the 2010-2017 L-VOD data set.

      We prefer not to distribute publicly the L-VOD data set as precautions should be taken in some regions because of RFI (a global filtered data set is being produced).

      Thank you !

      JP Wigneron

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